We care about your long term dental health from your children's first visit to your preventative or emergency needs, we are here as a team to guide you through the many options for treatment in a fully transparent manner. 
Please get in touch with our team to speak with us and gain advice on the best options for you. 
We are now accepting new patients to the practice. 

General Dentistry

At a routine dental visit we offer a thorough examination of your mouth, teeth, gums, and other structures for all the family.

We also offer a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments focused specifically towards a healthy and natural smile. 

We know that a beautiful smile can really boost someone’s self confidence. 

Root Canal treatments

Root canal treatment (otherwise known as Endodontics) is needed when the pulp inside your tooth is damaged by an injury to your mouth or becomes infected through tooth decay. 

The treatment overall should feel no more uncomfortable than having an ordinary filling placed, Dr Eithne Coyne specialises in this treatment.

Restorative Dentistry

In the event that tooth decay occurs and you need to avail of restorative dentistry treatments we offer many ways of repairing and restoring the damaged part of the teeth, with tooth fillings.

Tooth fillings come in a variety of materials and aim to restore part of the teeth which has been damaged by decay or wear. 

Crown work

Crowns are a solution when a tooth is extensively broken and needs to be rebuilt to restore the tooth to provide excellent appearance and function.

A crown is an artificial restoration that fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth, strengthening and aesthetically repairing the tooth. Also known as a 'cap'.

Braces / Invisalign

With amazing advances in technology, orthodontic/ brace treatment for adults is becoming increasingly popular. 

As well as fixed braces for adults, we are a proud provider of Invisalign GO® aligners - a modern, efficient and discreet clear brace solution for minor teeth straightening.

Dr Anne Wall offers brace treatments and would be delighted to advise on options.

Preventative Dentistry

We like to help you prevent problems from occurring with your teeth, rather than simply fixing things when they go wrong. For this reason we recommend you attend to see us for regular dental visits for examinations and hygiene treatments to ensure your mouth, teeth and gums remain in great condition. This is the modern way to keep teeth and gums healthy and reduce the need for emergency dental treatment in the future. We want to keep your smile healthy for life!

Veneers / Bonding

Want to improve how your teeth look? 

Composite bonding / veneers will improve your smile to correct broken, crooked, spaced, discoloured or worn teeth.

This is often a simple procedure and can be carried out in one appointment, often without any injections or drilling. Discuss how we can improve your smile and give your teeth the appearance you have always wanted.

Dental Hygiene

We would be more than happy to support you in ensuring that all elements of your teeth and smile  are healthy. We will advise on best practices and our team will treat your smile with care and attention.

From staining to bleeding gums we will restore your smile back to health.

Please call our team to discuss PRSI eligibility and book a reduced rate dental hygiene appointment for a clean (scale and polish) and a check up. 


If you have a few or all of your teeth missing, one solution is to have a denture. We would be delighted to support you in deciding on the best option to ensure you can enjoy a comfortable functional appliance and a better quality of life as a result.  

Your denture will be made to fit your mouth perfectly and you will be able to remove it for cleaning with our advice.
We will prescribe hygiene routines to ensure optimal oral health.

Teeth Whitening

A Teeth whitening treatment will give your smile a renewed life and will enhance other dental treatments. 
Your teeth may discolour over time due to coffee etc. 

Teeth whitening increases the brightness of your enamel to give your teeth a whiter appearance. 
We offer safe and approved at home teeth whitening, this involves making custom fitted whitening trays that fit precisely around your teeth for use as prescribed by our dentists. 

Childrens Dentistry

We are a family focused dental practice, who will ensure that your precious little ones feel comfortable and relaxed. We will teach your children the best methods to keep their teeth clean to reduce the risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease.

We understand the need for patience and comfort when dealing with the little ones dental visits. Our space is designed for this. 
As mums we know exactly what helps make these visits smooth! 

Nervous Patients

We know that many people will feel apprehensive of a dental clinic visit - at any age!
Our focus has always been on creating a relaxing and comfortable dental experience. Our space has been designed with a non dental feel to help our nervous patients feel calm. 

All of us as a team are welcoming, empathatic and understanding of the needs of a nervous dental patient. 

Put your trust in us. 


Contact our team to discuss a discount if you work in Irelands frontline industries. We will clarify eligibility and are delighted offer a little support to these workers.
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Your PRSI dental benefits provide you with one free dental examination per year and a scale and polish (teeth cleaning) - for a €15 fee.
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