Teeth Whitening

As dentists we can offer you the healthiest way to whiten your smile with hygiene checkups and at home care. Our whitening treatment will be prescribed with trays and bleach for at home use over a specified time. We recommend only ever using dental approved bleaching products. 
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Teeth Whitening at Peregrine Dental
Over the course of time, teeth can discolour for various reasons. They can become darker as we get older. Teeth can be stained on the surface by food we love and consume often and drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine and dark juices. Smoking, some medications and trauma may also contribute to your teeth discolouration. Our dental hygienists can only remove stains from your teeth, which is why you should get advice from us as dentists. A whiter smile = a more confident smile! It is a great way to really enhance your healthy smile with not much effort needed.
At Peregrine Dental, we offer our patients the best teeth whitening treatment options - safe and effective. We are proud to provide whitening treatments using the most advanced, effective and safest whitening systems.

What to expect

Professional Home Teeth Whitening involves wearing small, custom made, close fitting whitening trays with whitening gel for two weeks. We will customise these for your comfort.

Safe and monitored results

You should always consult a dental professional to ensure you get great results, and a process that’s safe and gentle on your teeth, when looking for whitening treatment. Results without safety is a short term fix!

Ask us questions!

The dentist will examine your teeth carefully to ensure you are a suitable candidate for the treatment and recommend the best option for you based on your oral health and the results you want to achieve.
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