General Dentistry

We believe in healthy smiles for a lifetime. If we are lucky enough to have you as our patient, we promise to spend our work lives taking care of yours.

Preventative Dentistry

Our focus is on preventative dental care, methods and care that will keep your teeth and gums healthy, ensuring you can maintain a healthy mouth. From hygiene cleans, dental checkups and the little ones first visits, our focus is on preventing the need for emergency dentistry! We always aim for minimally invasive dentistry.

Starting Early

Early-years visits don’t just give your child the best possible chance of staying in good health, they’re also vital in helping children to get used to the sights and sounds of the dentist.
We recommend making an appointment for your child when aged around 12 months or within six months of their first teeth erupting.
They are in safe hands here!

Insurance, PRSI etc

We know all of this can seem confusing which is why we are here to help . If you are on a healthcare plan we work with the biggest and most popular providers. You can also claim an annual FREE clean and check bonus through PRSI.


Don’t worry if you feel nervous! You are not alone, many share your fears.
Rest assured that our phobia-friendly team can help you put aside any nerves. We offer a comfortable and relaxed experience that ensures you don't put off your checkups!
Dr Eithne Coyne

Dr Eithne talks kids first visit

Dr Eithne Coyne

Childrens dental tips

Dr Eithne Coyne

Having teeth removed

Dr Eithne Coyne

Teeth Whitening

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